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exhibitions 2018

2 November - 2 December 2018

nordhøj art programme annual exhibition 2018

Kunstskolen Nordhøj is a three-year training programme in Kolding for adults who have a learning disability. The programme includes courses in drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture and art history. The annual curated exhibition NORDHØJ shows a broad selection og art works created by the studens during the past year.​

​​2 December 2018 – 17 March 2019

Different but same

In December 2018, Koldinghus presents a duo exhibition with almost 100 works in silver by two of Denmark’s leading and most productive and individualistic silversmiths, Yuki Ferdinandsen and Carsten From Andersen.

Yuki Ferdinandsen and Carsten From Andersen have each refined their signature technique, using the hammer to shape the surface of their objects, which exist in the borderland between functional hollowware and sculptural works of art.


closed exhibitions

​6 May - 30 September 2018

the splendour of power – anniversary exhibition

The anniversary exhibition at Koldinghus tells the history of power over 750 years in a diverse selection of jewellery, insignia and medals on loan from, among the others, the Danish, British and Swedish royal houses, Tiffany in New York, Cartier in Paris, Shamballa Jewels, Napoleon Museum Thurgau in Switzerland, The Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg, Designmuseum Danmark and other Danish and European museums, companies and private collectors. The jewellery exhibits offer the public a more intimate perspective on some of the most powerful people in Denmark and the rest of Europe. The jewellery and the persons it belongs or belonged to have all played a direct og indirect role in the 750-year history of Koldinghus and in the national and international stories that the castle is a part of.  

Regarding the exhibition The Splendour of Power, Koldinghus also present Skt. Loye Award Nomination Exhibition and Power Jewellery of the Future.

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​29 June - 21 Oktober 2018

dESIGNER! seize power...

Design School Kolding's Graduation Exhibition 2018.

The new design graduated create three different 'universes' under the creative supervision of three guest curators. Each of the three guest curators is a leader within their respective fields:

Fashion designer, musician and adjunct professer at Design School Kolding, Henrik Vibskov is team leader for the textile graduates under the heading 'Design for Play'. Designer, founder and partner of Urgent.Agency Mads Quistgaard, who is a member of the Danish Design Council and an adjunct professor at the Design School Kolding, is team leader for the communication designers under the heading 'Design for People'. The team leader for the industrial designers' exhibition, titled 'Design for Planet', is Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre and the author of seven books on design, innovation and leadership. The students take an active and inventive approach in creating the three exhibition universes, addressing design as a key factor and source of power in people's lives.



Koldinghus 1

6000 Kolding

Postboks 91

Tlf.: 7633 8100

E-mail: museum@koldinghus.dk


Tlf.: 7550 4798

E-mail: info@madkaelderen.dk


Daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Closed all mondays in January 2019.


Adults: 95 DKR

Students: 50 DKR

Free admission for children and youngsters under 18 years.

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