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The Splendour of Power

Exhibition period: May 6 to September 30 2018

​Magnificent symbols of power

The exhibition showcases a selection of magnificent and unique Danish and European pieces to illustrate the ability of jewellery to capture our fascination and act as statements of shifting power structures over the past 750 years.

The exhibition is framed by the notion that power structures are reflected historically in both jewellery design and architecture. Thus, in a contemporary museum context, exemplary jewellery holds the capacity to illustrate and convey the story of varying power relations, body and gender perceptions and stylistic expressions of power in a fascinating and eye-opening way.

​Storytelling Jewellery

Across the variations in fashion over the centuries, jewellery has always had a close relationship to the human body where it is worn for others to see. Apart from holding significant economic and emotional value, jewellery is also embedded in a historical iconography and act as a significant marker of status and personal identity.

Insignia are a manifestation of the changes in power structures and society throughout the 750-year period covered by the exhibition. Hence, they represent an important and highly relevant category of exhibits well suited to illustrate the shifts and changes in power structures across the historical sections of the exhibition.

The exhibition marks the 750th anniversary of Koldinghus.

Photo: The diadem ‘Naasut’, Greenland’s gift to the queen to mark the 40th anniversary of the queen’s reign,  was made by goldsmith Nicolai Appel. It is made of pure Greenlandic gold and shows 17 native Greenlandic flowers. The diadem comes with a pair of earrings, which the queen was involved in designing. ​


Adults: 125 DKK

Students: 65 DKK

Children under 18: Free

Members of the Museum Club and Koldinghus Business Club: 0 DKK



Koldinghus 1

6000 Kolding

Postboks 91

Tlf.: 7633 8100

E-mail: museum@koldinghus.dk


Tlf.: 7550 4798

E-mail: info@madkaelderen.dk


Daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Closed every monday in January as well as the 16th of January and the 5th of May 2018.

PRICES 2017 / 2018

Adults: 90 DKR / 95 DKR

Students: 45 DKT / 50 DKR

Free admission for children and youngsters under 18 years.

Price change from May 6 to September 30 because of the exhibiton "The Spendour of Power" >

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