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Access to the gestapo zelle

Visit  ”Zelle II” at the Stableyard with our guide and get a look into the occupation of Kolding.

Today the beautifully restored Stableyard is a quiet and idyllic place. But this is far from what it used to be. The white walls holds a dark story, which goes back to The Second World War. Now you get a unique opportunity to learn about time in Kolding during the German occupation and the headquater of Gestapo in the Stableyard.

The 29th of august 1943 the German occupying power declared martial law in Denmark which led to Gestapo seized the Stableyard and established the headquarters of South Jutland. Together with the interrogation rooms they also build a number of prison cells, of which "Zelle ll" where the biggest and used the most.

Normally "Zelle ll" is not open for the guests of the museum, but with this offer you get a look into a dark, but exciting chapter in the history of Koldinghus and the Stableyard.

The guide is Gunnar Ebbesen, and he has a great knowledge about Second World War and the German occupation of Kolding. Following the visit at "Zelle ll" all guest gets access to the Museum of Koldinghus.

Practical information


Approximately 1 hour or by further agreement. 


The totalt price for a group containing max 25 persons: 825 kr.

Furthermore does all attendees pay for their entrance.


museum@koldinghus.dk eller per. telephone 76 33 81 00



Koldinghus 1

6000 Kolding

Postboks 91

Tlf.: 7633 8100

E-mail: museum@koldinghus.dk


Tlf.: 7550 4798

E-mail: info@madkaelderen.dk


Daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Closed on October 19 and all mondays the rest of 2020

Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

The museum is closed from 4th - 31st of January

PRICES HIGH SEASON (May. 26 - Jan. 3 2021)

Adults: 125 DKK

Students: 65 DKK

Groups (min 10 pers.): 100 DKK pr. pers.


Adults: 110 DKK

Students: 55 DKK
​Groups (min. 10 pers.): 90 DKK pr. pers.

Free admission for children and youngsters under 18 years.

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