Georg Jensen -A tale of Danish silver

Exhibition period: 4. september 2015 til 28. februar 2016

Georg Jensen (1866-1935) is one of the finest exponents of Danish design. Koldinghus marks the 150th anniversary of his birth in a large retrospective exhibition from 4 September 2015 through 28 February 2016. The exhibition, which presents the finest and rarest works by Georg Jensen and the company he founded, tells the story of a global design adventure in an eventful century marked by bloom, crisis, war and new cultural breakthroughs. 

The adventure began in 1904, when Georg Jensen opened a small workshop in a backyard with just a modest showcase hanging in Bredgade in Copenhagen as the only sales window. No more than ten years later Georg Jensen’s nature inspired, elegant art-nouveau-silver, was known and highly desirable far beyond the country’s borders. 

The exhibitions is a journey through the stylistic periods, which is presented through pieces of Georg Jensen himself and the many talented designers who has been affiliated with smithies from the beginning and to the present. 
It opens with an impressive selection of the masters own beautiful Jewellery with flora and fauna motives and the hammered hollowware with vigorous decorations. Many people recognize the iconic grape bowls, the Louvre-bowl and likewise will enjoy the many rare masterpieces. 

Henning Koppel (1918-1981) was, with his path-breaking organically modernistic silver design, a big part of putting the smithy back on the global map after World War II. The exhibitions presents some of the most magnificent designs from the hands of Henning Koppel, for example the imposing Fish dish and the pitcher with the descriptive nickname ‘The pregnant duck’. 

The modern Jewellery is richly represented by Nanna Ditzel, Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe amongst others, while for instance Allan Scharff’s amazing bird fabulations is showcasing the hollowware to the present.  

The exhibition takes the audience on a journey through the history of the 110 year old smithy known for the pioneering silver designs in unequaled quality. 


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